Make sure that your real estate campaign stands out from the rest with geelong's leading UAV Photographer capturing unique perspectives of your property from the sky, showcasing the property's best assets in great detail and giving you the edge on your competition.

As Geelong’s leading real-estate marketing specialists, we have a wealth of knowledge in successful property-marketing so you can be sure you’re in good hands when considering CK Real Estate Photography.

CK Real Estate Photography’s aerial images can clearly highlight the size and location of your listing, as well as the proximity to the points of interest in the surrounding areas such as beaches, shopping centres, parks, etc or even just to show the spectacular views from above.

Our Geelong Drone photography is particularly beneficial when selling large development sites, estates, rural acreage, industrial or commercial properties, vineyards and farms.

Our in-house production team can quickly create ready-to-use content for your website and advertising needs, enabling you to get your property listed fast.

Our Multi-rotor Drones/UAVs are equipped with the latest technology ensuring a safe and reliable shoot. They are equipped with a 3 axis stabilised gimbal, using advanced GPS and stabilisation technology to take high-definition photography and video footage.  Shot in 4K UHD.

Aerial Photography packages

  • Stunning, high resolution RAW photography.

  • In-house editing, with next day delivery.

  • Affordable, flexible packages tailored to your individual need, no matter the size.

  • Simple booking process, with licensed, insured, friendly and professional staff on every job.

Video packages

  • Aerial Video footage: Includes music, bumpers and your company logo.

  • Combined aerial and ground footage: For those requiring a more complex video, we can edit together both air and ground footage with interviews, voiceovers, photography, music and company branding.

CASA CERTIFIED - CK Real Estate Photography is fully insured, and operates in accordance with its Operator’s Certificate and CASA approved Operations Manual.