With the increasing influence of the internet and local media, high quality photographs coupled with the latest in digital retouching have never been more important and are a must to get your property noticed.

Our personable and professional staff ensure each room is looking its best by decluttering or shifting furniture where needed. This means that we capture the perfect ambience of each room and make certain that the best features of the property are showcased in every shot using the latest equipment.

Once all of the required angles have been captured, the photos are then quickly delivered to the studio where they undergo digital enhancement using state of the art software for colour correction, sky replacements and the elimination of any unwanted items to create a flawless and vibrant image that makes each photograph pop. 

When the photos are looking their best we then quickly and conveniently deliver them to you in web and print ready sizes within a fast 24 hour turnaround.



Twilight real estate photography packages add that extra wow factor to your photos by romanticising the property and making it appear inviting and warm to all of your potential buyers.

Shooting at sunset offers this unique lighting scenario, within which ambient sunlight gradually fades, creating a sparse but magical effect that makes the home more appealing and enticing to view. 

As with the Premium images, the Twilight images are shot in the same way with meticulous attention to detail in regards to decluttering, lighting and timing to capture the perfect hero shot. 

Once again, images are then scrupulously edited at the studio and efficiently delivered to you in the assured 24 hour turnaround. 


Twilight photography is a very popular and premium service, after all, there are only five twilight time slots available per week.

With our new “day to dusk” editing service, you get the convenience of booking your shoot throughout the day and then we can turn any daytime or gloomy sky into a breathtaking sunset with ambient lighting to really make your listing stand out from the rest. 

This service is suitable for those who may not have the budget/availability for a proper twilight shoot or those wishing to rejuvenate an old listing with updated and awe-inspiring photos.

Geelong day to dusk service slide.jpg


Virtual Furniture is an innovative and cost effective option where real life furniture is digitally placed into a space. Using the latest in 3D rendering techniques and paired with correct lighting and perspective, it transforms the empty space into a warm and inviting room.  

Also known as Virtual Staging, this ingenious new service helps potential buyers get a sense of space for each room and imagine their own furniture in the room. 

Real estate “staging” with hired furniture can end up being very expensive so Geelong’s CK Real Estate Photography offers this more affordable and time effective marketing solution where actual photographs of the home are shot and then transformed into more appealing rooms using a wide selection of beautiful furniture to perfectly suit each home. 

Geelong virtual staging service slide.jpg