Premium Real Estate Photography Packages involves shooting multiple RAW* exposures of the same area capturing the full range of shadows, mid tones and highlighted details.

These multiple exposures are then layered together and processed to produce one final image, which is perfectly composed emphasising the full dynamic range.

This results in evenly lit rooms, minimises shady areas for externals, and also captures both internal and external views perfectly. Additionally, vibrant blue skies, attractive TV screens and alluring fireplaces are photoshopped in where appropriate.


Dusk Real Estate Photography Packages add that extra wow factor to your photos by romanticising the property and making it appear inviting and warm to all of your potential buyers.

Shooting at sunset offers this unique lighting scenario, within which ambient sunlight gradually fades, creating a sparse but magical effect that is almost impossible to create artificially.

This option is shot the same as the Premium Package with multiple RAW exposures as the sun lowers on the horizon and then is layered, retouched and processed in Photoshop.


A picture really does speak a thousand words when it comes to drone photography.  Best for wide frontage properties, rural, lifestyle, commercial or anything where a high birds eye view will assist in viewing.

With the perfect angles and height, the entire property can often be captured in just one photograph!

Photography that set your property apart from the rest - Sell your properties quicker!


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